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When people came out to protest in front of the Armed Forces headquarters in Khartoum on April 6, 2019, I was watching from afar in Cairo. I had never imagined that we would bring about the fall of Omar Al-Bashir one day, despite 30 years of dictatorial rule. The dictatorial rule manifested in wretched faces, suppressed spirits and oppressed bodies.

I am 24 years old and was born and raised in the shadows of the current transitional phase like many youths my age. When Bashir announced he would step aside on April 11, I was unable to comprehend the news and I felt a need to be a part of and a witness to the historical changes the street was demanding.

I packed my bags and I went to Khartoum.

I saw the many faces of Sudan there at the protest site. Everyone is in one place. What had divided us as Sudanese people yesterday, was now what united us. Khartoum became what it once was.

I walked around the protest square until sunrise looking into hopeful eyes. I also saw fear and anticipation. 

(2019- Ongoing)

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